DATQ 223 or KIN 251-3

Phyllis Eckler Instructor


We know there are a variety of Yoga styles that are taught today. Iyengar, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Vinayasa/Flow, Bikram/Hot and Hatha Yoga are all different styles of yoga that one can find at studios in western countries today.


 Compare and contrast two different yoga styles with regard to philosophy, theory and practice.


1. Give an historical overview of the origin of these two yoga practices. Explain the core technical differences, including where and how these techniques or styles developed.


2. Explain the difference in philosophical and movement beliefs between the two styles. Give examples how they differ and what outcomes they profess to offer. Use three sources for your commentary. You must use one book, a periodical or magazine and one website (including video sources) to share opinions from other about these yoga schools of thought. Make sure to cite your sources (to see how to use citations please go to MLA Citations  to see how this should be done).


3. Also share your own experience and opinions on these styles, relating them to your yoga experience thus far.

Worth 10 points