DATQ 222 or KIN 251-2

Phyllis Eckler – Instructor


In this course we have explored the first limb of Patanjali’s ashtanga path to enlightenment, refered to as Yama. This beginning level of the eight-limbed tree focuses on how one changes behavior to become a better person towards oneself and others. It includes:


·       Ahimsa

·       Satya

·       Astaya

·       Bramhacharya

·       Aparigrapha


Explain these beliefs and give examples how they relate to our everyday lives. Use three sources for your commentary. You must use one book, a periodical or magazine and one website to share opinions from other writers about these change agents. Make sure to cite your sources (to see how to use citations please go to MLA Citations  to see how this should be done). Also share your own experience and opinions on these life-changing attitudes, giving examples from your own life.

Worth 10 points