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Barre Work

Rond de Jambe En L'air: A circle of the lower leg while it is en l'air in second

Grand Rond de jambe: A circle of the entire leg while it is en l'air

Head Under: Head tilted away from the audience

Head Over: Head tilted toward the audience

Pas de cheval: A small develope through coupe position to an extension usually in tendu

Piqué: A prick or quick touch of the floor with an extended degage leg


Center Work

Pas de Bourree:

Over: Front side back

Under: Back side front

Forward: Back front back

Back: Front back front

Turning: Done with under and over pas de bourrees


Pas de Basque: A linking step involving a rond de jambe, glissade & chasse

Penché: A bend over to the front while standing on one leg with the other leg behind in the air

Ecarté: A position where the dancer faces a corner while the working leg is in second

Ouverte: A position where the dancer faces a downstage corner and both legs can be seen in their entirety by the audience



Balloné: Working leg is in coupe extends on the hop and comes back to the coupe position

Balloté: Extended working leg switches through coupe from one leg to the other

Beats: A beating of the legs together in the air before landing from a jump

Cabriolle: A jump where the working legs is beaten for a moment by the standing leg

Echappé: a jump from fifth to second

Temps de cuisse: A quick step over with the back foot to the front followed by a sissone



Across the Floor

Tour jete (A.K.A. Jete en tournant, or Jete entrelace): A jump where one leg is thrown forward, a turn occurs in the air, the other leg is thrown back and you land on the leg that was first thrown forward

Saut de chat: A large leap where the front leg developes to full extension

Failli: A jump from two legs in fifth releasing the back leg at the last minute and brushing it into 4th front.

Beats: A beating of legs