Yoga I




This is a take home exam to be written in essay form and turned in on the day of your final vinyasa presentation. This paper will contribute up to 10% of your final grade. Be sure to use your original self-assessment page from the first day of the course to help you remember what your fitness, emotional and spiritual state was. It will also help you recall your goals for the practice of yoga. Please include your name and class section number as well as what day of the week you take yoga.



  1. In what ways has this yoga class impacted your levels of a)flexibility, b)strength, c) concentration and d)overall health and well-being? Please answer in essay form writing at least one paragraph about each of the areas mentioned. It is helpful if you discuss your current fitness level in comparison with how you began the semester (you can use the questionnaire handed out on the first day as a reference).




  1. Include a section that discusses  three asanas that were either  beneficial to you or that challenged you and what you learned or changed in your practice while performing these three asanas over the course of the semester.