Documentary Film Review SUPERSIZE ME


Extra Credit for PE229

Worth 6 points (equivalent to two makeups).

Make sure to have your name on the paper. The paper should be typed and double spaced.  Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and the information within the paragraph should support the main topic or idea.


  1. Describe what happens in the film. What is Morgan Spurlock setting out to test and why?
  2. What scientific (medical) benchmarks does he use to determine his starting health levels? Give some examples of what is a good level in any of the areas that he tests?
  3. What are some of the lifestyle choices that contribute to obesity? Give three examples.
  4. Which of the foods that Morgan eats do you think are the worst for him and why?
  5. What happens to his weight, his mood and some of his physical reactions?
  6.  How do you think this film and the information that you have learned in this course has influenced your lifestyle since the start of the course?
  7. Who do you think is responsible for the obesity epidemic in this country; the individual or the corporate world?