Dance History and Appreciation

(DAST 805)

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ONLINE -Asynchronously

 10/26/2020 - 12/18/2020
Section # 28815(Fall 2020)

Course Objectives:
 Welcome to Dance History and Appreciation!

In this course students gain a historical perspective of dance from ritual to contemporary theatrical dance forms. Lessons will focus on the ethnic, cultural, and ritual forms of dance as it affects and reflects the world in which people live. Primarily, this course will focus on how dance imbues the historical, social, and political climate of the day. You will have an opportunity to consider the impact of dance on the western world and how it has been affected by different dance traditions worldwide.

You do not need to be an expert to enjoy this class. I hope to make it a fun opportunity for you to get familiar with the wonderful world of dance through a variety of performance styles. You will learn about how to evaluate dances using video, readings and discussions with your peers. All of these new skills will help  you understand how dance developed and where it's going.

The following are the course outcomes or end result of participation:

  • SLO #1: The student will be able to view dance with greater appreciation and understanding of the intention behind the dance.


  • SLO #2: The student will be able to eye the genre of the dance and note how it reflects the values and mores of the times.

Instructor:Ms. Phyllis Eckler - Instructor
Office hours: ONLINE BY CANVAS EMAIL & using ZOOM by appt.
Messages: (323)953-4000 X2865
E-mail: In this class we will be having "conversations" using the CANVAS Inbox. More information on how to do this can be found in Module 1.


Prerequisites: none

This is a General Education transferable course to CSU (CSUGE Area C1), and/or UC (IGETC Area 3A)

Advisory: ENGLISH 028, ENGLISH 067





MICROSOFT WORD (Available to you as an LACCD student in Microsoft Office 365)


There is no textbook requirement for this course. You will be asked to use free L.A.City College Library resources and online websites for your learning material.


That's it!

1. This asynchronous course allows you to work on your schedule! You will need to check into CANVAS often and devote 6-8 hours a week to the material in each module. The course has quizzes, discussions and assignments but the days that you do those are up to you! If you want to get ahead, you can move at your own pace in this course. Getting ahead is fine but if you get behind and miss deadlines, it may affect your grade. So stay on a schedule!


2. You will not be allowed entry into the next module without submitting ALL assignment from the previous module(s).


3. I and other students will be giving you feedback on your work. There will be rubrics provided for all assignments and discussions. Use these rubrics to achieve the best possible grade.


4. The course will introduce new dance terminology and choreographic terms. Students are encouraged to use this "language of dance" in their writing assignments. All written assignments will be delivered to the teacher through Turnitin. This program checks your submissions for plagiarism or compromised writing.


5. Occasional OPTIONAL (not required) ZOOM meetings will be offered to students who wish to meet with the teacher and/or classmates in a real-time face-to-face environment.




Final grade will be based on a point system. Keeping track of points may be confusing but you can keep track of your achievement by looking under the "Grades" tab in CANVAS. This will inform you of your grade percentage in relation to 100 %.

As mentioned earlier, you can move ahead in the course at your own pace. If a discussion you have submitted, requires a response to other students, you are welcome to reach back to  that discussion later, to drop in your comments, (as long as it is before the due date!).

Late work will be penalized as follows: 5% will be deducted from the grade you achieved, for each day that the assignment/discussion is late. The minimum you will receive on any assignment, is 60% of the grade you achieved. This should encourage you to get in all assignments - even if they are late, since additional points could add up to a passing grade!!

Pay attention to due dates and FIRM DATES! Firm dates will be used for assignments that MUST be submitted by a particular date. No late submissions will be accepted for these assignments.

Keep in touch! If there are events going on in your life that are preventing you from completing the work - let me know by e-mail! Let's see if I can help you work to catch up.
Excused absences must be accompanied by a note from a doctor, hospital, jury duty receipt, or funeral program. An e-mail to the instructor must be delivered as well. No excused absences will be accepted after the course has ended.



IMPORTANT DATES (School closed):


Veteran's Day - Nov. 11 (Teacher may not be available)


Thanksgiving Weekend - Nov. 26-29 (Teacher may not be available)



For other important academic deadlines please click on this link

Make-ups/Extra Credit:


1. There will be a number of extra credit assignments in CANVAS over the semester. Each of these assignments will display that the grade is out of zero . This is just how they have to be shown, so that CANVAS doesn't penalize those who don't choose to do this extra work. I will always let you know, in the body of the assignment, the maximum extra credit points you can possibly receive for these assignments.


2. You may write a five paragraph comparison review of two dance films from an approved list of dance movies. The format of the review must follow the outline  in this link. Worth up to 10 points. To receive full credit for this paper you may wish to with NetTutor online in CANVAS for help with writing and formatting..

Grade Percentage Point System:
90-100% A
80-89% B
70-79% C
60-69% D
Below 60% F

*Students with a verified disability who may need a reasonable accommodation(s) for this class are encouraged to notify the instructor and contact the Office for Special Services (Student Services Bldg., 323-953-4000 X2270 or email as soon as possible.  All information will remain confidential.
Board Rule 9803.28  Academic Dishonesty.
Violations of Academic Integrity include, but are not limited to, the following actions: cheating on an exam, plagiarism, working together on an assignment, paper or project when the instructor has specifically stated students should not do so, submitting the same term paper to more than one instructor, or allowing another individual to assume oneís identity for the purpose of enhancing oneís grade.
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